HDP Course Pages


HDP 98 - Directed Group Study (1-2)

HDP 98 Course Webpage

Directed group study, on a topic or in a field not included in the department curriculum, by arrangement with a faculty member. Topics will vary from quarter to quarter. Pass/No Pass grades only.  Cannot be used towards HDP major credit. Prerequisites: lower-division standing, completion of thirty units of UCSD undergraduate study, a minimum UCSD GPA of 3.0, and a completed and approved Special Studies form: UCSD Application for Enrollment Special Studies Courses 97, 98, 99.


HDP 150 - Advanced Human Development (4)

HDP 150 Course Webpage

Seminar for graduating HDP seniors. Readings and discussion of special topics in human development. Provides advanced-level study on subfields of human development. Topics vary quarterly. Prerequisites: HDP 1, HDP 181, HDP 191, senior standing, and department approval. (F,W,S)

HDP 160 - Special Topics Seminar in Human Development (4)

HDP 160 Course Webpage

Special topics in human development are discussed. (May repeat when topics vary.)Prerequisite: department approval.

HDP 191 - Field Research in Human Development (6)

HDP 191 Course Webpage

This course combines lectures on research methodology (three hours/week) with an applied field research experience (four hours/week) conducted at a pre-approved study site. Required: Completion of a field notebook, review paper, oral presentation, and final paper. Prerequisites: HDP 1. Students must submit the pre-enrollment questionnaire one academic year prior to enrollment. See HDP Web site for details. (F,W,S)

HDP 193 - Advanced Research in Human Development (4)

HDP 193 Course Webpage

Specialized research project under the direction of a human development affiliated faculty member. May be taken for one or two quarters of credit. Prerequisites: declared HDP major, overall GPA of 2.8, ninety units completed, three HDP core courses completed, and consent of instructor.

HDP 194A-B-C - Honors Thesis (4-4-4)

HDP Honors Webpage

Students will take part in a weekly research seminar. In addition, they will plan and carry out a three-quarter research project under the guidance of a faculty member. The project will form the basis for their senior honors thesis. Prerequisites: overall GPA of 3.2, and a 3.5 GPA for courses taken in the human development major; an advanced course in statistics or experimental design, and consent of instructor.

HDP 199 - Independent Study in Human Development (4)

HDP 199 Course Webpage

Independent study and research under the direction of a faculty member. Pass/No Pass only. Prerequisites: consent of the instructor, completion of at least ninety undergraduate units with a minimum of 2.5 GPA, and a completed and approved Special Studies Form.