HDP Undergraduate Courses

Lower-Division Courses

HDP 1 - Introduction to Human Development (4)

This course introduces students to the central issues in the basic areas in human development. The course will explain relationships between biological, cognitive, social, and cultural aspects of development. Offered once per year. (F)

HDP 87 - Freshman Seminar (1)

This seminar is designed to provide new students with the opportunity to explore an intellectual topic in a small seminar setting. Topics vary from quarter to quarter. Enrollment is limited to fifteen to twenty students, with preference given to entering freshmen.

HDP 98 - Directed Group Study (1-2)

HDP 98 Course Webpage

Directed group study, on a topic or in a field not included in the department curriculum, by arrangement with a faculty member. Topics will vary from quarter to quarter. Pass/No Pass grades only.  Cannot be used towards HDP major credit. Prerequisites: lower-division standing, completion of thirty units of UCSD undergraduate study, a minimum UCSD GPA of 3.0, and a completed and approved Special Studies form: UCSD Application for Enrollment Special Studies Courses 97, 98, 99.

HDP 99 - Independent Study in Human Development (2-4)

Independent study and research under the direction of a human development program, or affiliated, faculty member. Pass/No Pass only. Cannot be used towards HDP major credit. Prerequisites: lower-division standing, completion of thirty units of UCSD undergraduate study, a minimum UCSD GPA of 3.0, and a completed and approved Special Studies form: UCSD Application for Enrollment Special Studies Courses 97, 98, 99.

Upper-Division Courses

HDP 110 - Brain and Behavioral Development (4)

The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with basic mechanisms of brain and behavioral development from embryology through aging. Multiple levels of analysis will be discussed, including the effects of hormones on behavior, developmental events at the level of cells, structures, and neural systems, and the neural basis of cognition, social, perceptual, and language development. Prerequisite: HDP 1 or PSYC 101.

HDP 111 - Evolutionary Principles in Human Development (4)

The course will examine the human evolutionary past to inform our understanding of the biological, cognitive, and sociocultural aspects of growth and change across the lifespan. Lectures and readings will draw from diverse fields to situate our understanding of human development within its broader evolutionary context. Areas of focus will include but are not limited to human longevity, biology of growth, theory of mind, and social and biological development in cross-species comparison. Prerequisites: HDP 1, ANTH 2, or BILD 3.

HDP 120 - Language Development (4)

Examination of children's acquisition of language from babbling to the formation of sentences. Topics covered include: pre-linguistic gestures, relationships between babbling and sound systems, speech perception, linking words with objects, rule overgeneralization, bilingualism, nature vs. nurture, individual differences, cultural differences. Prerequisite: HDP 1.

HDP 121 - The Developing Mind (4)

This course examines changes in thinking and perceiving the physical and social world from birth through childhood. Evidence of significant changes in encoding information, forming mental representations, and solving problems is culled from psychological research, cross-cultural studies, and cognitive science. Prerequisite: HDP 1 and declared human development major.

HDP 122 - Social Development (4)

This course covers topics in social development research. Content will address general principles such as the mutual influences of caregivers and children upon each other and the interplay of person and context. Discussion areas will include attachment, parenting styles, gender differences, aggression, social cognition, social components of achievement motivation, and development of conscience. Prerequisite: HDP 1.

HDP 133 - Socio-cultural Foundations of Human Development (4)

This course will provide students with an understanding of the social and cultural foundations of human development. The topics will be explored with both national and international comparisons from infancy through adolescence. Prerequisite: HDP 1 or PSYC 1.

HDP 150 - Advanced Human Development (4)

HDP 150 Course Webpage

Seminar for graduating HDP seniors. Readings and discussion of special topics in human development. Provides advanced-level study on subfields of human development. Topics vary quarterly. Prerequisites: HDP 1, HDP 181, HDP 191, senior standing, and department approval. (F,W,S)

HDP 160 - Special Topics Seminar in Human Development (4)

HDP 160 Course Webpage

Special topics in human development are discussed. (May repeat when topics vary.)Prerequisite: department approval.

HDP 171 - Diverse Communities in a Life-span Approach to Human Development (4)

HDP 171 provides an introduction to the scholarship and practice in the field of cultural competency. Through relevant readings, associated assignments, and guest speakers from the community, students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for doing substantive research in diverse cultural contexts. Prerequisites: upper-division standing.

HDP 175 - Power, Wealth, and Inequality in Human Development (4)

Inequality affects social mobility and opportunities for diverse communities in the United States, having long-term implications for lifespan development. A multidisciplinary approach examines the differential effects on development fostered by disparities in socio-economic, educational and cultural factors. Renumbered from HDP 175. Students may not receive credit for HDP 175 and HDS 175. Prerequisites: upper-division standing.

HDP 181 - Experimental Projects in Human Development Research (6)

This laboratory course in human development is designed around a variety of intensive experimental projects. With lectures providing background information on research methods and child development, each assignment will include data collection and/or analysis, and a written laboratory report. Prerequisites: HDP 1, Statistics, and must be a declared HDP major. (F,W,S)

HDP 191 - Field Research in Human Development (6)

HDP 191 Course Webpage

This course combines lectures on research methodology (three hours/week) with an applied field research experience (four hours/week) conducted at a pre-approved study site. Required: Completion of a field notebook, review paper, oral presentation, and final paper. Prerequisites: HDP 1. Students must submit the pre-enrollment questionnaire one academic year prior to enrollment. See HDP Web site for details. (F,W,S)

HDP 193 - Advanced Research in Human Development (4)

HDP 193 Course Webpage

Specialized research project under the direction of a human development affiliated faculty member. May be taken for one or two quarters of credit. Prerequisites: declared HDP major, overall GPA of 2.8, ninety units completed, three HDP core courses completed, and consent of instructor.

HDP 194A-B-C - Honors Thesis (4-4-4)

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Students will take part in a weekly research seminar. In addition, they will plan and carry out a three-quarter research project under the guidance of a faculty member. The project will form the basis for their senior honors thesis. Prerequisites: overall GPA of 3.2, and a 3.5 GPA for courses taken in the human development major; an advanced course in statistics or experimental design, and consent of instructor.

HDP 195 - Instructional Apprentice in Human Development (4)

Introduction to teaching within the discipline of human development. Students will attend lecture, be responsible for assisting the instructor with course preparation, and will lead a discussion section of one of the lower-division courses in the human development program. Limited to upper-division students majoring in human development with consent of instructor. Pass/no pass only. Prerequisites: Declared HDP major, overall GPA of 3.0, 90 units completed, and consent of instructor.

HDP 199 - Independent Study in Human Development (4)

HDP 199 Course Webpage

Independent study and research under the direction of a faculty member. Pass/No Pass only. Prerequisites: consent of the instructor, completion of at least ninety undergraduate units with a minimum of 2.5 GPA, and a completed and approved Special Studies Form.