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HDP 191 Application & Enrollment

Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire

The pre-enrollment questionnaire is part of the application process to reserve a seat in the course. It begins the spring quarter of the year prior to enrollment into HDP 191. Note:

  • The application period for HDP 191 enrollment requests begins in May, to plan course enrollment for HDP 191 the following academic year.
  • This application, announced via UC San Diego email every May, reserves students' seats in HDP 191 for the fall, winter, and spring quarters of the following academic year.
  • Students will be notified of their quarter of placement by the end of May.
  • Graduating seniors have first priority for enrollment, as seats are limited each quarter. Students of senior standing who have completed a significant amount of upper division HDS coursework will be given second priority, followed by juniors. All other students will be considered only in the rare occasion when space permits.

Pre-Enrollment Timeline

  • Week 7: Submit Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire online
  • Week 8: Receive confirmation of quarter of placement for HDP 191
  • Week 9: Fall Quarter 191 students submit Site and Section Selection Application (instructions to be sent via email)
  • Week 10: Fall Quarter 191 students attend course Info Session (event details to be sent via email)

Complete and submit the HDP 191 pre-enrollment questionnaire.


  • Declared Human Developmental Sciences major
  • Completion of HDP 181 prior to enrollment
  • Completion of a significant portion of upper-division coursework
  • Completion of the above HDP 191 Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire during spring quarter (May) of the academic year prior to enrollment

Note: Applications can still be submitted prior to completion of all prerequisites. The above prerequisites must be completed by the quarter of enrollment, not when the application is submitted. Students should request to reserve a seat in HDP 191 for a future quarter in which they know they will have completed all of the prerequisites.

Late Application and Course Enrollment 

Students who have missed the application period must contact the Field Research Coordinator immediately to request to be placed on the waitlist for HDP 191. Students will be granted a seat in the course and placed at field sites as space permits. 

Field Research Coordinator: Mariko Cavey

Email Address:

Phone Number: 858-534-8489

Contact Information

Field Research Coordinator: Mariko Cavey

Email Address:

Phone Number: 858-534-8489