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HDP 191 Field Site Partnerships

Please review our active field sites (those currently accepting field research students for placements) by navigating the sidebar to the left.

These sites are categorized based on focus areas that tend to align with the 3 primary domains of the Human Developmental Sciences Major: Biological, Cognitive, and Socio-Cultural Development.

When considering suitability of sites, note important factors such as location, availability, cost of parking, preferred hours for observations, etc.

Do not contact any of the site mentors listed here until your site placement has been verified, via a confirmation letter or email addressed to you, from the Field Research Coordinator.

This listing is for informational purposes only, to assist in planning your field research experience.

Create Your Own Site (Alternative Option)

If the sites listed do not match your interests, and/or you currently have a volunteer site or internship site that you feel might make a good HDP 191 placement, please note this interest on your HDP 191 Site Selection Questionnaire. Student-created sites must be planned in advance, and proposed to the Field Research Coordinator at least one quarter prior to enrollment in HDP 191. 

Site Requirements:

  1. You must be serving at the site as an independent volunteer without any form of compensation (monetary or course credit)
  2. You must not be serving at the site through a different UC San Diego program of any kind
  3. Observational opportunities must be readily available (you must be observing and/or interacting with humans, not doing filing or other unrelated volunteer service)
  4. Someone at your site must be willing to serve as the contact person for communication with the HDS Field Research Coordinator.
  5. Someone at your site must be willing to supervise your observations and/or interactions at all times

Contact Information

Field Research Coordinator: Mariko Cavey

Email Address:

Phone Number: 858-534-8489