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HDP 191 Site & Section Selection

Placement Process

Site and Section selection is from weeks 8-10 of the quarter prior to enrollment into HDP 191.

Complete the HDP 191 Site Placement Questionnaire during the quarter prior to enrollment in HDP 191. Invitations to complete this questionnaire will be emailed to all students with an enrollment reservation at the end of the quarter before HDP 191 enrollment.

  • Students must review the current field research site opportunities and select the five most interesting and relevant sites for placement.
  • An explanation of the reasoning behind site preferences will be required on the application.
  • Over the course of the 10 week quarter, students will complete a minimum of 40 hours of research at their assigned site.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to choose their sites carefully in order to make the most of this opportunity, both academically and professionally.
  • Human Developmental Sciences reserves the right to place students at any site based on priority level, date/time when the application was received, dynamics of the site, and/or requests of the site mentor(s).
Priority for Site & Section Placement
  1. Every effort will be made to place students in one of their top three site preferences. However, placements aligning with preferences cannot be guaranteed. It is strongly recommended students submit the Site Selection Questionnaire as soon as the selection process begins (typically the mid-end of the quarter prior to HDP 191 enrollment).
  2. Confirmation of site and section placement or waitlist status will be provided at the mandatory info session before the first day of class. If you do not receive a letter or email notice of site and section placement by the info session, it is your responsibility to contact the Field Research Coordinator immediately to resolve the issue.
  3. It is the student's responsibility to contact the site mentor and schedule (not necessarily attend) a site-specific orientation meeting at the end of the quarter before beginning HDP 191. Site visits should start the first week of assigned quarter (site-specific orientation meeting does not count as a "site visit").

If you have questions or concerns, or would like further information, please contact the Field Research Coordinator at (858) 534-8489 or email

Info Session

Students are required to attend one mandatory info session to secure their placement in HDP 191 for the following quarter. The info session typically takes place during Week 10 of the quarter prior to enrollment in HDP 191, lasts about an hour, and provides an overview of course expectations. Students will also receive confirmation of their site and section placements at this event.


Students are required to attend one mandatory orientation to prepare for the academic and professional rigors of the HDP 191 field research experience. At the orientation, students will participate in course preparatory activities that will prepare them both academically and professionally for conducting field research. The orientation typically takes place the Sunday before the start of the quarter in which students are enrolled in HDP 191, and lasts about three hours. Students are expected to make scheduling accommodations well in advance.

Contact Information

Field Research Coordinator: Mariko Cavey

Email Address:

Phone Number: 858-534-8489