HDP 199 – Independent Study in Human Development

HDP 199 is an independent study course that provides Human Development majors with the opportunity to conduct an independent research study under the guidance of a faculty instructor.This course provides a means for students to gain research experience, form a relationship with a faculty member, enhance knowledge in a field of interest and build valuable skills that will be a great asset to a graduate school application or resume.

This course is not required for the completion of the HDP major and will not satisfy any of the requirements necessary for the completion of the HDP major, but is useful (and in some instances required) for graduate degrees requiring a significant amount of research experience for admission.

Students are encouraged to consider expanding a multi-quarter research commitment into an enhanced research project and enroll under HDP 193: Advanced Research in Human Development--rather than HDP 199--for a letter grade and potential HDP major credit.


  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Minimum 90 cumulative units completed.
  • May be taken for 2 or 4 units.
  • Must be taken Pass/No Pass.
  • No major credit.

    Special Note: 2 units of HDP 199 represents 6 total hours of involvement with the project (including lab time, independent readings/research, homework, and professor-student interactions). 4 units represents 12 total hours of involvment with the project. Note that HDP 199 courses do not count for the HDP major/minor and are elective units only.

HDP 199 opportunities that are brought to the attention of the HDP office will be posted to the "HDP Research Opportunities" page, but students are also encouraged to directly contact faculty members to inquire about open 199 positions. HDP affiliated faculty members have unique and varied areas of study, so it is likely that students will be able to identify a faculty member whose interests mirror their own.

2 Unit Course

  • 6 hours of research per week.
  • Means of evaluation varies according to faculty instructor as outlined on the 199 application.
  • Please note that many professors may require student to commit to a 4 unit course.

4 Unit Course

  • 12 hours of research per week.
  • Means of evaluation varies according to faculty instructor as outlined on the 199 application.

Application Process

  1. Identify faculty instructor.
    • When meeting with potential faculty instructors, it is important to discuss the nature of the project, frequency of contact, prerequisite knowledge needed, and the means of evaluation with the faculty instructor prior to enrollment in this course.
  2. Obtain HDP 199 Application
  3. Section I: This section is to be completed by the student.
  4. Section II: This section is to be completed in conjunction by the student and the faculty instructor.
  5. Section III: Submit the application with the first and second sections completed to the HDP Student Affairs Office (AP&M 5320). The application is subject to approval by the Director of HDP.
  6. To enroll: Students will be notified via e-mail when their HDP 199 application has been fully processed. Students must physically take the completed form to the Registrar in order to enroll in the course!

Note: Students that have completed less than 90 units will need to take this course as HDP 99