HDP Faculty and Staff

HDP utilizes the intellectual resources of UCSD faculty and staff in over 13 different departments, as well as visiting scholars from all over the world. Academic and administrative professionals interested in available positions within HDP should view our open positions for more information.


Executive Committee

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated Faculty Emeritus

Assistant Director



  • Anna BrysonManagement Services Officer
    AP&M 5332 | 858-822-3602 | abryson@ucsd.edu
  • Mariko CaveyField Research Coordinator & Academic Advisor
    AP&M 5323 | 858-534-8489 | mcavey@ucsd.edu
  • Alia Welch PartidaCoordinator of Academic and Student Affairs
    AP&M 5322 | 858-822-3300 | alia@ucsd.edu